Psychic Medium Beverleigh






About me…my own psychic experiences go back as far as I can remember, I have always had Spirit with me, in my seeing, hearing and feeling. My primary goal in this life is to be in service to both Humankind and Spirit, and I do this by reading and teaching what I receive from Spirit.


Past…Over the last 25 years I have been very active in the metaphysical community providing readings and classes at a multitude of locations - My home (2009- present), DreamChaser Books, Coquitlam (2003-2009), Reflections Books, (2000-2003), West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts (2001-2002). 


Present…I am so excited to be welcomed into the Tolmes and Tales family!  Come see me here for your private reading, class, course or workshop. I am available to read for you on Wednesday’s & Friday’s, between the hours of 11:30 -4 pm, call the store @ 604-459-5000 or me at 604-362-4447 to book your session.


My readings provide accurate, insightful and beneficial information. We do this by incorporating everything I see, hear and feel from my guides, your guides, and your loved ones in spirit. You will leave your reading feeling completely satisfied, knowing that nothing was missed by the guides or your loved ones.


Reading Rates 60 min.  - $150

30 min - $75



Something Special: I will be offering a wide variety of metaphysical courses and workshops commencing in late January, early February 2019 at Tolmes & Tales. Check my website at for detailed course descriptions, times/dates and registration information. Looking forward to meeting you soon!









For Your Best Reading


·       Be relaxed, if you can do a brief meditation or a progressive body relaxation, it will help you immeasurably.  A calm energy field makes it easier for both Medium and Client.


·       If your reading is mediumistic in nature meaning you want to connect with a loved one please spend some time focusing on the person, ask them to come to your reading, know that the Medium does not call the loved one to you rather you bring them with you.


·       Be receptive and open minded with critical thinking still in check.


·       Be open and honest.


·       Record your session, generally speaking it is impossible to remember it all, and sometimes information may make sense at a later date.


·       Prior to your reading take the time to write out at least 10 questions, keep them on your person. At the end of your reading take a look and see if anything needs to be addressed in most cases nothing has been missed by Spirit.


·       Know that everything you receive in your reading is kept strictly confidential.