Ross Van Der Hoek


Ross is a gifted medium who has been formally trained for 10 years, studying psychic medium development while living in Glasgow, Scotland for 5 years and then London, England for 8.5 years, returning to Canada in 2015. Ross also offers card readings utilizing various oracle decks.


Please watch our Facebook page for specific dates Ross will be in store.


 you can also give us a Call if you would like to book a reading with Ross.         604-459-5000 



     Priced at:    $1.50 per minute  



Paisley Town is a Metro Vancouver based intuitive medium (psychometry, tarot, numerology) and teacher. Growing up in southern Ontario, she always felt various unexplainable tugs and an affinity for stones, shells, crystals and other inert forms that nonetheless teemed with life and structure. It was in the mid-1990s, when living in North Vancouver, that she was drawn to begin her metaphysical training.

While trained in many mystical and psychic arts, it was when she was introduced to psychometry (sensing associations from personal objects – in her case, mostly metal objects, such as jewellery, keys and belt buckles) that her intuitive compass pointed north.

As she developed facility with her intuition, other pieces of her puzzle began to fall into place. She was able to confirm her always-suspected Metis background when the resources to trace her obscured family history unearthed a mix of First Nations, French, Gypsy, and Celtic. She built on her ability to sense and direct energy by becoming a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and also by studying Energy Bodywork at the ARC Institute, numerology with Clayne Conings and tarot card reading.

Today,  she remains as wide-eyed to whatever may come as she has always been, meeting each new interaction with a spirit of adventure and a curiosity that encompasses both what is directly in front of her and what occurs in the periphery.

Paisley has been featured in the 24Hour News, The Vancouver Province Newspaper, The Langley Times Newspaper.

On internet radio, Paisley has done several 2 hour radio shows on GhostXM Internet Radio –  The Paranormal Show, broadcast live from Port Moody, BC. In addition, she is a regular guest on Psychic Sundays broadcast live from 100 Mile House, BC and Madrid, New Mexico.

 Paisley will be in store on Thursdays from 12-4 Please call to book your time. (walk ins also available) 604-459-5000

 Priced at $1.50 per minute