Trade Credit System

What you should know about our USED BOOK TRADE CREDIT program


· Bring your gently used books in for a credit that can be applied to 50% of your used book purchase.


· We will evaluate and process your books within 48 hours, then apply the trading credit amount under    your name in our database, price and shelve the books that we have taken, and have your leftover books waiting for pickup.


Due to limited storage space, we respectfully ask that you pick up any books that we cannot take within 48 hours. Failure to pickup unsellable books may result in loss of credit, or in-eligibility for our trade credit program.


We give 40% of our selling price in trading credit. Trading credit can be applied to up to 50% of each used book purchase, enabling you to save significantly on our wild & wonderful used book selection.


We are very selective about condition and only take books that are marketable and needed in our stock, as we always want to bring our clients the very best. We do not accept labeled or damaged books, books with cobwebs, or from a smoky environment. We almost always take back books that were originally purchased from us as long as they are still in sellable condition, excluding books bought from clearance.

· Trading credit has no cash value and cannot be converted into cash or gift certificates.

· Trade credit does not apply to new books or merchandise.


Exemptions from Credit

Books marked with the letters “N/C” or the phrases "No Credit" are exempt from the credit system. Book credit may only be spent on used book purchases. Gift items, jewelry, cards and other non-book items are also exempt from credit.


Why are some books exempt from credit?


Some books are exempt from credit because we have bought them new from the publishing house. We also often purchase books in order to bring them into the store. If credit redemption brings the price of the book below what we paid for it, it will be exempt from credit.