A native of Portland Oregon, Eliza Gordon (a.k.a. Jennifer Sommersby) has lived up and down the west coast of the United States. Since 2002, home has been a suburb of British Columbia. when not lost in a writing project, Eliza is a copy editor, mom, wife, bibliophile, Superman freak, and the humble servant of three very spoiled tuxedo cats. Eliza writes stories to help you believe in Happy Ever After. (Goodreads)

Jennifer writes young adult and contemporary novels.

"Sapha is like a young Wolfgang Pauli, in every laboratory he went, there was a little explosion."-- David Roomy Strong, Brave, Beautiful.

Born in Vancouver in the 80's. Teethed on the images of the Berlin Wall falling down. The product of Vancouver's multiculturalism, I steep in divergent cultures, religious experiences and gender roles from an early age. Concentrating on the Backgrounds of English Literature, I wrote on comparative mythology & fairy tale, Old Norse, world religions, & film in University. (Goodreads)


"Neon Lieben" & "Usurper Kings" by Sapha Burnell are the titles we have in store.


Anya lives in the lower mainland of B.C. where she lives with he husband and two sons. She attended the Paralegal Program at Capilano College and worked as a paralegal for eleven years. Anya now writes full time. Anyas write experience includes her self published memoir, Letters to the Mountain (2019) a bi-weekly blog and the writer's studio at SFU. (Goodreads)



 Adventurer, mystic, intuitive, always looking for the answers to the unanswerable. He gets pretty close in this fast pace fantasy adventure. This is Monty's sixth book, his fist fiction novel. 


Monty has long had a passion for the esoteric world .Being a member of The Rosicrucian Order AMORC since 1981, he has been able to develop a good knowledge base, both theoretical and practical of both the mundane and esoteric worlds. Monty resides in Langley B.C.


My body of work includes painting, watercolors, oils, acrylics and writing. Poetry was my first love creatively, which lead to writing fiction and non-fiction but something magical happened when I picked up a paintbrush. There is an intimacy staring at the lights and shadows connecting with my subjects and translating that to canvas. The eyes, whether human or animal project their inner light. A painting can capture emotion purely and honestly in a way that words fail to deliver. It is an intimate experience staring at my subjects and translating what I see and feel from them with my paintbrush. Art is all about making you feel and it only takes a few moments to elicit a reaction if you look into the eyes of my subjects. Each person will see and feel something different and that is the beauty of art.